Type og Quality


The type (or style) of a tree is defined by its shape and the composition of the branches. In simple terms whether the tree is wide or narrow and by its branch density.
The quality of the tree is defined by the color and density of the needles and the general state of health of the tree.

All Types and Qualities

We provide trees in all types and qualities. As customer you decide who should make the selection (markup). If you wish to make the total markup, it’s okay, as long examination of the trees is systematic.

The normal procedure is that you visit us and identify the types of trees that are of interest. At the same time a sample label with the color and type of labels you want is carried out, then the price is agreed. Then we make the markup of the desired number of trees and you visit us again to approve to the markup.


A-trees (Premium)

A-trees usually marked with neutral reddish labels or the type/color label you want.

Christmas tree A quality 2
Christmas tree A quality

B-trees (Standard)

B-trees usually marked with neutral bluish labels or the type/color label you want.

Christmas tree B quality 2
Christmas tree B quality

C-trees (Super market)
C-trees usually marked with neutral yellowish labels or the type/color label you want.

Christmas tree C quality
Christmas tree C quality
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