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About Us

The Brothers on the Neighboring Farms

Overgaard I/S is owned by two brothers, Bjarne and Henning Overgaard Pedersen, who live on neighbouring farms in the magnificent rolling countryside of central Jutland.

We are the third generation to work within forestry here, carrying on a family tradition since the 1800s. The Christmas tree production started in 1985 when the first Abies Nordmanniana trees were planted. Since then we have increased tree plantation year by year.

On our plantation, totalling 150 hectares of private and leased land, we grow Abies Nordmanniana and to a lesser degree Norway spruce (Picea Abies) in addition to Abies Procera, which is used for decorative cuttings.

Quality is Essential

It is essential for us that our Christmas trees are of very high quality and that production takes place in a professional manner, where there is space to meet individual customer needs and wants.

Throughout the year, our Christmas trees are tended to with branch removal and structural and top pruning. Additionally, the trees are fertilized and treated with pesticides.


Export to entire Europe

Almost all of our production we export to several countries in Europe. This is done through a stable customer base, which we have built up over many years. As we continue to expand our production, we are constantly searching for new prospects for lasting cooperation. Moreover, we have close cooperation with other Christmas tree growers in the area and are devoting a larger and larger portion of their trees, as a complement to our own production.

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